About Henry Nicholls

I am a freelance journalist, the author of two books: Lonesome George (Macmillan, 2006) and The Way of the Panda (Profile Books, 2010). Here, I will be writing mostly about my main interests - genetics, evolutionary biology and the history of science.

I contribute regularly to New Scientist, Nature and The Guardian and have also written for The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, BBC Focus, BBC Wildlife, Chemistry World, The Scientist, Wisden Cricketer, Astronomy Now, Science, PLoS Biology, The Lancet, Cell Stem Cell, Endeavour and The Wellcome Trust. Oh, and BBC Radio 4. 

You'll find a complete list of my publications at www.henrynicholls.com

The banner image of pandas is based on a photograph by Stéfan Le Dû (CC BY-SA 2.0)